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About us

We make your production more efficient! We are trained consultants who embrace manufacturing excellence by implementing the tools and philosophy of the Toyota Production System (TPS), widely referred to as ‘lean manufacturing’. We embrace kaizen, or continuous improvement, to eliminate waste in all business processes. Seeing the tangible benefits of kaizen should take days and not weeks or months. Equipped with hands-on operations and implementation experience, our consultants show clients measurable improvements on the shop floor and beyond as the entire organization learns to embrace the kaizen culture. Wuxi LST has completed projects in Europe and China. The firm supports projects in English and German. Relying on our knowledge, education and past operations success, we transform traditional manufacturers into powerful lean enterprises.

Our Business

With years of experience in different kind of industries we are prepared to help you to improve your processes and supplier. We will offer a lot of opportunities for you to continue in your efforts or to start the journey of Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing. If you don't find the answer there, contact us and we will explain the advantages of Lean for your business case. During the last years we increased our network and will be able to provide service for nearly every issue. You want know more? Have a look through our webpage and you will find what you look for and if you want us to enforce your efforts in the challenges of the global market just contact us.

Company Profile


Wuxi LST set the target on providing know-how and support of foreign and local enterprises to master the challenges the global market and the rapid changes in China...




Wuxi LST has alot of experience in production, operation and lean management. For details


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