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Company Profile

Wuxi LST set the target on providing know-how and support of foreign and local enterprises to master the challenges the global market and the rapid changes in China give to them.

Based on our activities during the last 25 years Wuxi LST combines experiences from wide variety of industries in Lean Manufacturing, Production Management and Process Optimization. with extensive process-, technology- and practice know-how we are consequently able to advice our clients throughout the value stream.

The key competencies of Wuxi LST are:

Lean Manufacturing Training and Implementation,

Supplier Development,

Process Optimization and Production Management and Reorganization

Wuxi LST takes entrepreneurial initiative when it identifies unsatisfied market demands and new business opportunities. Since 2010 Wuxi LST provides training for foreign enterprise in the cultural differences between China and foreign countries. Wuxi LST also provides service in reviewing technical documents to provide a mutual understanding of the requirements on customer and supplier side.

Our Mission

Enable enterprises to master the challenges of the global market and rapid development in China by taking the next step from
Quality Consulting & SQD to Production Consulting. Quality must be produced and not checked

Our Vision

Be one of the leading Lean Manufacturing Consultancies in China.

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