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Mr. Brinkmann has the ability to find and enforce in the shortest time, the optimal approaches for developing applications and coordination tasks. (Maschinenfabrik Bütfering GmbH / Jan 2000)

Due to his expertise, Mr. Brinkmann was repeatedly appointed for difficult tasks, which he successfully and independently completed. (Ferdinand Täfler GmbH & Co. KG / Oct 2001)

During the activity of Mr. Brinkmann the WIP was reduced by 60% and the scrape rate by 7%. He also achieved a 15 percent increase in the output of the individual processes. ........He has delegated duties and responsibilities effectively. (HR Manager at DANA Holding GmbH, Perfect Circle / Apr 2005)

Mr. Brinkmann is a professional Manufacturing Engineering Manager with rich experience in machine building and the whole production line. He works very hard and knows China very well. We did learn a lot from him during our cooperation. (Chinese Supplier/Oct 2009)

Mr. Brinkmann is a manager with very clear vision of a project stages and goals. He is a person with very strong instructional and coaching skills, very analytical and detail orientated professional. Mr. Brinkmann has helped me a lot professionally and personally during my stay in PR of China for which I am very grateful. (Canadian Engineer / Aug 2011)

Mr. Brinkmann has vast experience in Production orientated environments has coupled this to a professional approach in managing and improving Production Processes. He has helped us to start our Lean journey and set clear guidelines to succeed in this process. (Order Intake Manager at Wärtsilä Propulsion (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd. / Aug 2011)

Mr. Brinkmann joined Wärtsilä Propulsion (Wuxi) as Production Manager when the company had difficult time in production and delivery. He took straightforward approaches to reshape production process and regulation in order to improve production manageability and efficiency. His way of working had also improved the cross functionality of different departments, for instance, production, engineering, quality, purchase, order management and finance. His Lean training was very impressive and useful due to his vast experiences in manufacturing/production. (Finance Manager at Wärtsilä Propulsion (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd. / Aug 2011)

Thanks to Mr. Brinkmann extensive expert knowledge and hands on mentality. He introduced to M+W Products (SHA) Co., Ltd. with patience and cultural knowledge various lean tools [5S, TPM, SMED]. Thanks for his support and further I appreciate his friendly manner all the time. Success can only be achieved in teamwork. (Production Manager at M+W Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. / Jan 2013)

We used Andreas expertise as a lean consultant to train a couple of our suppliers as part of our supplier development program. Thanks to his hands on approach and experience in manufacturing it became a real success story for us as well as for our suppliers who were lifted to a higher level and therefore were able to increase their competitiveness. Not in the least because he has an extensive experience in both the German and Chinese culture, mindset and production environments. He is able to pair the best of both worlds, and I would recommend his help to any company who is interested in results in stead of powerpoints. (Sr. Supplier Quality Manager, Hella Shanghai / March 2019)


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