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Thodacon Machine Tool Protection Co., Ltd

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Thodacon Machine Tool Protection Co., Ltd. is a family owned company with the target to produce and to develop traditional and innovative elements for Guide Way Protection.
In 2017 the company faced a big challenge, because of an unexpected groth in business.

To reduce lead times in the manufacturing of a key product Wuxi LST was asked to create a lean cell layout. Based on the success of this layout Wuxi LST was asked to implement this type of layout throughout the factory. For this a re-organization of the factory layout was necessary, especially because new equipment was bought and needed to be implemented into the new layout, with the focus on material flow and lead time reduction. Additionally Wuxi LST implemented production planning in the existing ERP system, which supported the production management in reducing backlogs and finally achieve JIT deliveries even with the higher customer demand.



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