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Guangdong ZAMA Precision Industry Corporation Ltd.

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Together with our partner UTPB we provided the first Interim Management solution of Wuxi LST for Guangdong ZAMA Precision Industry Corporation Ltd..

Guangdong ZAMA Precision Industry Corporation Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of carburetor, oil pump, solenoid-valve and other parts for the outdoor industry around the clock six days a week.

In 2016 ZAMA decided to build its own plant in Huizhou after the rental contract for current China plant ends in 2018. After the start of the movement ZAMA decided to move the majority of the managment team into the new facility in Huizhou and have the factory in Shenzhen managed by an Interims General Manager.

The main target for the Interim Manager was to ensure a stable production of the remaining manufacturing lines. As the "voice of Shenzhen" the Interim manager had to ensure a close communication with the employees in Shenzhen and the management team in Huizhou.

During the time frame from December 2017 to May 2018 production was stablelized and productivity even improved by reanimating Production KPI's and Production Planning.



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