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Supplier Development

Task Force

Problem Solving

Interim Management

Lean Consulting


Lean Training

We provide special Lean Trainings to enable our clients to benefit from the techniques World Class Companies have.

Our training sessions are specially developed to provide single topic training sessions or a complete Lean Deployment Training.

On request we also provice customized training sessions according to customer request.

For more information about our training contact us.


Lean Consulting Workstream



  1. Opportunity Identification
  2. Assessment of the current state
  3. Translate Assessment Result into Lean Implementation Strategy
  4. Gather baseline measures
  5. Identify high impact areas
  6. Definition of Targets with the client


  1. Identify Training needs
  2. Obtain Lean Concept Training
  3. Define Training plan according to client request (Full time / Block / Part time)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

  1. Map the current Value Stream
  2. Develop future Value Stream
  3. Analyze gaps
  4. Create Implementation Plan


  1. Create cross-functional implementation teams
  2. Obtain specific lean training
  3. Create model area
  4. Conduct KAIZEN Work shops
  5. Roll out through the organization

Continuous Improvement (CIP)

Document improvements throughout journey
Measure, measure, measure – "What gets measured gets done!"
Evaluate support systems alignment
Never stop

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