Muda - 7 Wastes

 7 Waste

Taiicho Ohno (Toyota executive, 1912-1990)defined the 7 Wastes of Lean or Muda.

To eliminate waste, it is important to understand exactly what waste is and where it exists.

Even that products and processes significantly differ between factories, the typical wastes found in manufacturing environments are quite similar.

For each waste, there is a strategy to reduce or eliminate its effect on a company, thereby improving overall performance and quality.

In recent years, various authors and experts have expanded the list to their own version of
'the 8 Wastes of Lean', with the 8th waste being one of the following:

  • - Underutilized human potential — skills, talents, and creativity
  • - Unsafe or unergonomic work conditions
  • - Confusion — any uncertainty about the right thing to do.

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