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Lean Consulting


Supplier Development

Task Force

Problem Solving

Interim Management

Process Optimization


Process Improvement

Do you know which processes in your production are executed without any waste? Do you know how much waste your processes include?

Waste like waiting time, movement and transportation?

With our methode you will find these kind of waste and be enabled to eliminate it.


Process Improvement Workstream



  1. Opportunity Identification
  2. Assessment of the current state
  3. Translate Assessment Result into Lean Implementation Strategy
  4. Gather baseline measures
  5. Identify high impact areas
  6. Definition of Targets with the client

Process /Organization Assessment

  1. Identify Process
  2. Analyze Process Flow
  3. Analyze Material Flow
  4. Analyze Layout
  5. Identify improvement opportunities
  6. Design future Flow & Layout

Improvement Implementation

  1. Train management, staff and operator
  2. Transform current state to future state
  3. Implement/Monitor KPI's
Validation 1


  1. Confirm KPI's according to Target Definition
  2. Monthly Assessment
  3. Validate adjustments carried out on a middle/long-term base
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