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Lean Consulting


Supplier Development

Task Force

Problem Solving

Interim Management

Production Management


Production Management

China is changing from a low cost manufacturing country to a considerable market for foreign and local enterprises. Quality and productivity become more important for enterprises in China, because customer expect higher quality and facing higher salaries in the developed areas in China.
Traditional Production Management tools - as there are investment in new equipment and hiring more operator - don't work anymore and modern management knowledge and techniques are required to continue the rapid growth of your facility in China.


Production Management Workstream



  1. Assessment of the current state
  2. Identify management knowledge gaps
  3. Translate Assessment Result into Training and Coaching plan


  1. Obtain Lean Concept Training
  2. Obtain Production Management Training (Full time / Block / Part time)


  1. Gather baseline measures (KPI's)
  2. Work with trainees on real-time production planning
  3. Advise on production supervision (Shop Floor Management)
  4. Mentor and supervise actual performance

Continuous Improvement (CIP)

Document improvements throughout journey
Measure, measure, measure – "What gets measured gets done!"
Evaluate support systems alignment
Never stop

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