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Supplier Development

 Supplier Development

Supplier Development

Supplier development is one of the key issues in China in order to be successful. To find qualified suppliers is one of the most important tasks. In many cases this task is not successful, because the really qualified suppliers choose their customers. Here the Chinese market is different from European and North American market yet. Despite the economic crisis, are Chinese, successful companies are able to confidently reject customers or orders, if the volumes are not high enough, or just the target price was too low. Yet China has not completed the transfer of a seller's market to a buyers' market.

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Supplier Development Workstream



  1. Opportunity Identification
  2. Assessment of the current state
  3. Gather baseline measures
  4. Identify high impact areas

Process /Organization Assessment

  1. Identify Process
  2. Analyze Process Flow
  3. Analyze Material Flow
  4. Analyze Layout
  5. Identify improvement opportunities
  6. Design future Flow & Layout


  1. Formulating technical recommendations for carrying out necessary adjustments
  2. Training supplier
  3. Adjust supplier processes
Validation 1


  1. Monitor achieved results
  2. Analyze performance results
  3. Assessment of adjusted processes
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